The Scroggdog clips I've seen are great, and the songs seem to be playing the band.

The Scroggdog clips I’ve seen are great, and the songs seem to be playing the band.

Thank you, and I would agree on both points. This is a band with amazing chemistry, and we also pulled a fundamental source from the California trading scene. Their delivery and versions of many songs are such the best I’ve heard. Scott and Joseph are excellent songwriters, and I’m looking forward to having them in our repertoire. I would say that we have an unbreakable support for classical bluegrass, for which we are appropriate to base our work, and I expect it to evolve and expand, based on the strengths and tastes of the participants, as if we were going to spend a lot of time together. I am so excited that our painting has frozen in the public domain; we have agreed to sign up for Patuxent in the spring, possibly in California. I will be announcing much more about this in a lively fashion; we plan to start a crowdfunding campaign for the sake of early CD sales and to help check the costs of producing a CD, which are not covered by the label, such as travel, a set of producers, optional promotion and advertising, and more.